The Pale – May 2024

Greetings unto the noble populace of the Midrealm,

With both anticipation and a bit of trepidation, We pen Our last letter to you as the Heirs of the Middle Kingdom. The months before Coronation during Our predecessors’ reign allow us to learn, travel to other lands, and meet many among Our populace that We may not have met before. We know that We have not learned all that We could have. We know that there are many that We have not yet had the opportunity to meet. And We know that We will make missteps along the way and ask for grace and a kind word of guidance.

We look forward to the months ahead and, of course, to Pennsic War 51 where We will travel with Our populace and Our armies to meet the Tyger on the field with Our friends and Our allies. Our only wish for Our reign is for the Kingdom to come together, for the populace to do the things that bring them joy, and for goodwill, kindness, and fun to spread to all the corners of the Middle and beyond.

In service to the Kingdom and its people,

Иван и Каталина

Ivan and Katalena
Tsarevitch and Tsarevna