Their Majesties of the Middle Kingdom

The Official Online Presence of Seto-Heika and Reina Ynes
February Pale Missive
Greetings Beloved Populace,We hope you had a restful break enjoying the holidays with loved ones. We know there were many joyful 12th Nights and Yule...
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January Pale Missive
Happy New Year Midrealm! We wish you a glorious New Year as we embark on many exciting Adventures. Many gentles are preparing for Arts and...
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A letter from the Equestrian Champion
You don’t need to own a horse or ride to participate in SCA Equestrian If you think that riding is required to participate in equestrian...
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December Pale Letter
Season’s Greetings Midrealm, We want to congratulate Our Heirs, Felix and Madeleina, on joining this grand adventure. We wish them a most enjoyable time as...
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November Pale Letter
Hello Midrealm, We were honored to see so many of you in our home Barony of Illiton to celebrate our Coronation. Thank you to all...
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Crown Tourney Combatants
We are pleased to announce the list of combatants for Our Crown Tournament being held on October 19, 2019 in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon....
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