Crown Tournament Guidelines

Coronation is soon and applications for Crown Tournament must be received by the time we are coronated on May 4th.

We wish to see weapons depth and skill at arms from within the ranks of all of the Midrealm combatants. We encourage fighters of all stations who want to prove themselves and are willing to serve Our kingdom as royalty to enter the list and fight for their consort.

Our Crown Tournament will follow the format set out below:

Each round before the finals will be fought best 2 out of 3 passes with matched weapons, the weapons will not change between passes.

The higher precedent combatant will roll a six-sided die to determine what weapon style will be used. If one of the combatants does not have authorization in the style rolled, the die will be re-rolled.

The finals will be best of 3 out of 5 passes with a weapon-style change for each new pass. The weapon style for each pass will be determined by a die roll with the combatants alternating who rolls the die. The higher precedent combatant will roll first. No weapon style may be repeated.

Weapon Conventions:

The allowed styles will be (with the corresponding die roll):

  1.  Weapon and Buckler
  2. Weapon and Shield
  3. Two weapons
  4. Great sword
  5. Polearm
  6. Short spear

All weapons must meet the standards in the Midrealm Armored Combat Handbook.

Two-handed weapons shall not exceed 72” in length, measured by pommel to tip.

Bucklers are not to exceed 18″ measurements in any direction. An 18″ circle will be the gauge anything that doesn’t fit doesn’t fight.

Shields are not to exceed 32″ measurements in any direction. A 32″ circle will be the gauge anything that doesn’t fit doesn’t fight.

General rules:

Double elimination, the first seeding of the tree will be done by random drawing, per Kingdom Law.

If there are more than 32 combatants at the tournament then fight-ins will be randomly chosen for entry into the 32 combatant tree.

Backup weapons are permitted.

Thrusting to the face is allowed.

Obviously modern sporting equipment or logos are not allowed to be visible upon casual inspection. This includes covering or otherwise disguising modern footwear.

All plastic must be covered with or painted to resemble period materials. Plastic shield bosses and plastic sword baskets are permitted and do not require modifications.

All clothing and equipment on the list field shall be in good repair and demonstrate appropriate respect for the Crown and the aspiration to occupy the Throne. No visible duct tape repairs at the start of the tournament.

Noble individuals who meet the eligibility criteria set forth by Our Kingdom’s laws and traditions are permitted to submit their letter of intent to participate.

All letters of intent must be received on or before Our Coronation. Please submit your letters of intent via the Google form at this link:

In service to the Kingdom,

Иван и Каталена

Ivan and Katalena
Tsarevitch and Tsarevna