The Pale – May 2024

To Our Beloved People of the Middle Kingdom,

We, Wigthegn & Neassa, are nearing the end of Our reign. We are sure that Our Heirs, Ivan and Katalena, shall serve the Kingdom well as your Sovereigns for the War to come.

There are few words that can summarize how We feel about Our time as your King and Queen, but an attempt shall be made.

Being your Sovereigns was an amazing opportunity made even better by the great populace that is the Middle Kingdom. We have been honored to become friends with many of you where Our paths might not have crossed before. We cherish every memory and moment made in Our time.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped in some way; to event staff, to the heralds and scribes, to the youth of the Kingdom, to anyone who made/donated largess, to anyone who went along Our Pilgrimages, to Our own staff, to those who volunteered their time to Us or in service of the Midrealm.

The Dream lives in the Middle Kingdom, and We see it in each of you.

Ever forward,

Wigthegn & Neassa

Rex et Regina Mediae Regnum