Their Majesties

About Their Majesties


  King Ivan Queen Katalena
Titles His Majesty/Tsar Her Majesty/Tsaritsa
Pronouns he/his she/her/hers
Name Pronunciation EYE-van KAH-tah-LAY-na
Food Likes Meats, Cheeses, Most Vegetables, Most Fruits.
Favorites: Muenster cheese, blackberries
Meat, Cheese, Olives, Most Fruits, and Most Vegetables
Food Dislikes Avocadoes, vinegar, pickled foods other than pickles, spicy foods, cooked or baked nuts Loves but limits breads and baked goods
Food Allergies Shellfish and mollusks Pineapple
Beverage Likes Water, Iced tea, Earl Grey tea Seltzer water, Iced Tea, Coffee, Irish Breakfast and
Lemon Ginger teas
Beverage Dislikes   Soda
Other Information
  • His Majesty has reactive hypoglycemia.
  • Her Majesty has a variety of neurospicy conditions that may impact her participation at events and interactions.

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