The Pale – March 2024

Greetings unto the most noble populace of the Great Middle Kingdom!

We hope this missive finds you in great comfort, basking in the joy of revelry and friendship from this season’s Yule and Candlemas celebrations. As you warm your hearts and feet by your glowing hearths and sup cups of mulled wine to ebb away the chill of the winter’s grasp, know that peace is fragile, and as the sun warms and chases the cruel fingers of winter, so does it fan the flames that do incite the blood to boil and set the Dragon’s face with grim-visaged war. Already do We shine our helmets and mail, sharpen Our spears, axes, and swords in preparation to follow the King and Queen of the Dragon, Wigthegn and Neassa, as they march South to lend aid and arms to Our allies. To the men at arms, Knights, support staff, and all members of the populace who travel with Their Majesties, We send Our heartfelt gratitude. Know that We too shall stand the field providing Our broken bodies as ransom should Their Majesties have need.

Upon Our return, We fear that peace will not come easy. We have heard dark tidings that the baleful yellow eye of the Eastern Tiger stretches its covetous glare to Our fertile lands with rapturous ambition. Our messengers, merchants, and diplomats returning from the many Kingdoms of the realm have brought to Us information about the building and hoarding of weapons and machines of war and the mustering of armies far to the East.

Know that it is Our intent to meet this army of brigands and pillagers before they dare enter Our lands. We shall march with force to the fields of Pennsic deep under the emerald canopies of Our great ally Sylvan Æthelmearcand there make Our intent of  violence and justice known against the Eastern incursion. We hope that all of the realms can hear Our formal challenge and declaration of intent in person at the Coronation of Ivan and Katalena in the Barony of Brendoken. It shall be there that We will make known Our Champions who will march in the vanguard with Us to ensure the destruction and rout of the Eastern Tiger.

It is the intent of Ivan and Katalena to hold a competitive shoot to choose by skill Our archery and thrown weapons champions. Their Highnesses Ivan and Katalena request letters of intent to compete in the Champion shoot and thrown weapon tournament at Coronation on May 4 in the Barony of Brendoken.

All letters of intent to be champion are due by April 15and none shall be accepted after that date; email or physical letters will be accepted. We eagerly await word from the powerful claws of the Dragon populace.

Іван Каталена

Ivan and Katalena
Tsarevitch and Tsarevna