The Pale – February 2024

Greetings to the most noble populace of the Midrealm,

The holidays have passed and the wheel of the year turns toward spring. In our time as Heirs, we have met and spent time with many of you. We do realize that many of you may not know us, however, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share more
about us.

We have been in the SCA for over twenty years and live in the Shire of Falcon’s Quarry in North Oaken. We have four children and our youngest two are both active in the SCA. We believe strongly in service – on the field, in administration, providing food and drink to others, or in whatever other way we can give it.

His Highness is an authorized armored, rapier, combat archery, and siege combatant. He has served as the local group’s knight’s marshal and seneschal and a member of the army command staff for several years. Prince Ivan does metalworking, makes mead, and builds furniture and all the infrastructure for our camp.

Her Highness has a rule – she never gets hit ever. This means that she is not a combatant although she has been an authorized equestrian participant for many years. She has been the local group’s webminister, social media officer, and pursuivant. She was also the Kingdom Media Officer, Thuban (Sign) Herald, Kingdom Exchequer, and Deputy Exchequer before taking on the role of Pennsic War Exchequer for the past several years. Princess Katalena does all of the sewing for the family as well as fiber arts from shearing her sheep to weaving and knitting the yarn she spins.

We hope to meet more of you as we continue to travel, and to learn about the people of the Kingdom as we share time with you.

In loyal service to the Kingdom and Society,

Іван Каталена

Ivan and Katalena
Tsarevitch and Tsarevna