The Pale – February 2024

Warmest greetings from the Crown of the Middle Kingdom,

As the new year starts, We hope you are staying warm and joyful. We are looking forward to Our Tournament of Arts coming up. Our Kingdom thrives in talent and abilities, and We are excited to see Our arts & sciences community in all its splendor. This is a fantastic opportunity for Peers and non-Peers to share know ledge and expertise. We hope many can be there on this enjoyable day and share with Us the skills and knowledge of the Midrealm. We, like many, are eager to listen and learn.

Her Majesty Neassa at Christmas Tourney.Photo by Ceadda of Fox Hall (Chad White).
Her Majesty Neassa at Christmas Tourney. Photo by Ceadda of Fox Hall (Chad White).

Our Tournament of Chivalry is a showcase of Midrealm’s armored combatants. We wish to promote learning the martial art of armored combat and the chivalric virtues, specifically, the virtues of courtesy and prowess. We encourage those participating to hone their
prowess in one-on-one combat and melees.

We look forward to seeing the populace of the Middle Kingdom as We continue to travel around Our glorious Kingdom. One of the most rewarding responsibilities of the Crown is to recognize the populace for their efforts in service, arts & sciences, and martial forms. Please continue to provide Us with your recommendations so We are aware of the great works the Midrealm populace is known for throughout the Known World.

Ever forward,

Wigthegn & Neassa
Rex and Regina