Yuletide and Travels

Photograph by Duke Ullr Amaranthson.
Photograph by Duke Ullr Amaranthson.

Last weekend, the Midrealm had their King and Queen venture off in two opposite directions of the Knowne World. His Majesty was able to bear witness to Captain Eskil, commander of the Midrealm Unbelted Champions team for William and Isolde, swearing his oath of Chivalry to Mordygan and Yamine in the Outlands. It was a wonderful opportunity to see former Midrealm citizens flourishing through out the Knowne World.

Photograph by Sergeant Bestia.
Photograph by Sergeant Bestia of Vito’s Minions.

Her Majesty relieved Her Excellency Helewyse of her duties as Kingdom Seneschal and had Her Grace Arabella take her oath as a Great Officer of Our Kingdom. As always there was levity and mirth when the Queen travels throughout the kingdom.

Now it is time for the winter festivities. We hope everyone is well and your hearts are filled with joy. We look forward to seeing the populace of the Kingdom after the New Year!

Originally posted on Their Royal Majesties of the MidRealm Facebook page on December 15.