The Pale – January 2024

Winter’s Greetings to the Middle Kingdom,

The days are now shorter, nights longer, and temperatures colder. Winter has come to Our lands, and We are stoking fires in Our hearths instead of the fires of War. We are looking forward to the intimacy that comes with the indoor events within Our Kingdom.

The season of crafting and tournaments is upon us. From the classes, the crafter’s greens, and the social community of the Kingdom, to the chivalric passes on the lists, armored and rapier, and maybe even finding archery or thrown weapons every now and again, there is so much to enjoy during this cold season. We keep finding Ourselves with the family, friends, and community of the Midrealm. In witnessing the merriment and joy; the boasts, laughter, and stories shared around, We truly see Our Great Kingdom and understand these as great gifts We all give to each other in this season.

So please, for the betterment of all, keep telling stories, singing songs, sharing and teaching the skills and gifts as artisans, and testing martial skills upon the list field. One never knows when inspiration hits or whom one might inspire.

Ever Forward,

Wigthegn & Neassa
Rex and Regina