The Pale – December 2023

Greetings unto the Noble Populace of the Middle Kingdom from Ivan and Katalena, new Tanist and Tanista.

We would first send thanks to Their Majesties Wigthegn and Neassa for allowing us to compete in Their Crown Tournament. We would like to honor the other competitors in the recent Crown Tournament for their spirit, which will continue to inspire Us. The tournament itself was a delightful spectacle of chivalry, prowess, and honor. Our thanks go out to the event staff and Barony of Sternfeld for hosting such a grand and well-run event. Additionally, the tournament itself would not have moved so smoothly without the precision of the ladies at the list table and the watchful eyes of the marshals. As the wheel of the year turns and the winter months will soon be upon us, We look forward to supporting our King and Queen, Wigthegn and Neassa, as we travel within the Kingdom and to neighboring lands.

We are especially honored and humbled to serve as your Prince and Princess.

Draco Invictus!

In service to the Kingdom and the Dream,

Іван Каталена

Ivan and Katalena
Tsarevitch and Tsarevna