Pennsic War Young Adult Mentorship Program

To our friends and populace,

Please share this missive from the Pennsic War Young Adult Mentorship Coordinator far and wide. This program is a wonderful opportunity for our younger members to become actively involved with our Society’s largest event, learning how it works, and taking those experiences back to their own groups to put into practice. Our younger members of the populace are the folks that will keep our society going.

Please support them.

Their Royal Highnesses

Originally posted on Their Royal Highnesses Midrealm Facebook page on November 26.

From The Pennsic War Facebook (Link) page.

To the distinguished Peers and Populace of the Society,


The Young Adult Mentorship Program is extending the deadline for applications until January 2, 2024!


After the success of the internship program for Pennsic 50, the program has expanded to include six total mentorships through the different divisions. This year, applicants will have an opportunity to take part in and be mentored under the Mayor’s Office, and the Divisions of Land, Event Resources, Cultural Affairs, Technical Services, and Transportation. Listed below are the various available mentorships along with a brief description and details.


Mayor’s Office — Mentees should expect to attend staff meetings, sit-in on office hours, participate in ride-alongs and meetings with various departments, and participate in case-by-case experiential shadowing. Mentees will be expected to arrive on-site early if possible.


Cultural Affairs —The mentee should expect to sit-in on morning staff meetings, sit-in on meetings/overviews of various CA departments as well as work shifts at Family and University Points, and Games Tents. Mentees will be expected to attend Pennsic for at least one week.


Land — Mentees should expect to sit-in on planning meetings, sit-in on morning staff meetings, and participate in ride-alongs to experience various situations that can occur during the length of Pennsic. Mentees will be expected to arrive to site early in order help set-up and shadow

during Land Grab.

Event Resources — Mentees should expect to sit-in on morning staff meetings, sit-in on meetings and experiential shadowing as situations grow. Mentees would be expected to arrive on site one day early to experience the opening day if possible.


Transportation — Mentees should expect to work with and handle vehicle equipment (golf-carts), sit-in on meetings, and shadow/learn about what involves running transportation for Pennsic. Mentees should be prepared to deal with dirt and grease, should be comfortable with basic computer skills, and preferably be able-bodied to work with vehicles. Transportation does follow OSHA regulations and mentees should be able to arrive on site by the Thursday before site opening.


Technical Services — Mentees should expect to attend morning staff meetings, participate in ride-alongs and shadow during various situations, and assist with setting-up. Mentees with artistic/creative skills, technical skills, and that are able-bodied would be preferred for this role as it does require various levels of labor. Mentees would be expected to arrive to site early or stay after site closes if possible.


We are asking that young adults be in the age range of 18-24 years of age to ensure that we are ushering in the new generation of the SCA into the inner workings of our event. The program coordinator and advisors are also asking the peers of the realm to take some time and reach out to any young adults who they feel may be interested in taking an mentorship position at Pennsic War 51 and encourage them to apply.


For applicants to apply, we are asking that a resume with information about any service or work done in the SCA and references be submitted with a letter of intent specifying the position they are requesting. Please also include Personal information such as mundane, SCA name if applicable, age, kingdom and contact information such as email address and phone number.


Please submit any applications to [email protected] The mentorship coordinator is available to answer any questions or requests for information you may have via email or virtual meetings.


Thank you for your consideration and help to bring the new generation of the SCA into the fold of our society. We are very excited for the year to come!


With gratitude,
Nasira al-Zarqa Hatun bint Ivaz
Young Adult Mentorship Coordinator
[email protected]