The Pale – June 2024

Greetings unto the Populace of the Middle Kingdom,

As you receive this missive, We have just recently taken Our seats upon the Dragon thrones and felt
the weight of the crowns upon Our brows. With this weight comes the knowledge of impending war with
the Tygers of the East as well as Our responsibilities to the Kingdom.

The rules of war have been set; the battles determined and detailed. We will need Our populace to
support Us in combat as well as in other ways – serve, do, teach, create, learn, and find joy. There are
many opportunities around the Kingdom in the months leading up to and after the war for all of us to
participate in whatever way suits us best.

If you fight, find your local and regional commanders. If you shoot archery or throw weapons, find a
marshal or a practice. If you create, show us your work and teach us what you know. If you serve,
continue to make it possibly for others to enjoy themselves with Our thanks.

While much energy has gone into the planning for Pennsic War, please know that We understand that the
Kingdom and the SCA runs on the everyday little things that happen. So, attend your local group meetings
or practices. Attend your local and regional events. Create our base of support at the local and regional
level so that we continue to grow as a Kingdom and Society.

We look forward to seeing you in the next few months as We travel near and far throughout the Kingdom
and to foreign lands to secure and deepen our relationships.

In service to the Kingdom,

Іван Каталена

Ivan and Katalena
Tsar and Tsaritsa