From Their Majesties – 5 October 2021

Greetings Middle Kingdom,

This past weekend at Red Dragon We presented a Royal Augmentation which is unique to Our reign. We call this augmentation “The Beacon” and it is a beacon aflame . This is the same type of beacon that would have been seen on any hill or fortification during the middle ages, and could have been used as a guide to others.

We will be giving this Royal Augmentation to those who have helped with keeping the Middle Kingdom functioning during the shut down from last year, and who continue to work hard to keep those who are unable to attend events engaged and feeling a part of the Midrealm. These good people acted as the beacon, the light in the darkness, and often the guide during hard times. Anyone who worked hard during the pandemic to keep us all connected and active would be eligible for consideration of this Royal Augmentation. It is our hope to find those deserving persons and make these awards often. If you know of a gentle who went above and beyond during the shut down please recommend that person for an award. Perhaps , the Beacon will be the right one.

Thank you to all who have worked to help the Kingdom during trying times. Please continue your good works!

We remain in service to the People of the Dragon,

Ullr and AnneLyse
King and Queen

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