From Their Highnesses Ullr and Annelyse – 12 September 2021

Good Evening Middle Kingdom,

We hope your weekend was fulfilling and left you with many happy memories.  

Our thoughts are turning to future events, and we have only 2 left as Tanists. This coming weekends Harvest Days will be a fun filled day with many of the Kingdoms activities happening in one place.  The various tournaments , including the Tournament of Arts and the Tournament of the Greenwood Company, will provide an exciting opportunity for learning and the building of positive relationships.  We look forward to seeing the joy that the artisans, combatants, archers, and all others have during the day.  Your smiles are the treasure of the Midrealm.

We would like to remind everyone that our Crown Tournament is on October 16th.  All letters of intent are required to be in our hands by our Coronation, no later than 5pm September 25, 2021.  Please review the rules for Our Crown prior to submitting your letter.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Keep yourself and your family in good health, be kind to others, and share your joy often.


We remain your servants, 

Ullr and AnneLyse

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