Crown Tourney Combatants

We are pleased to announce the list of combatants for Our Crown Tournament being held on October 19, 2019 in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon. The list is in order of the consort’s precedence.

Duke Felix the Just of Ramsey fighting for Duchess Madeleina de Lamans
Duke Dag Thorgrimsson fighting for Duchess Anne Marie de Garmeaux
Count William of Fairhaven fighting for Countess Isolde de Laramee
Lord Thorvald Jotunson fighting for Baroness Isabella Pallini
Sir Crispin al-Rumi fighting for Baroness Gianna Vettori
Sir Ivan Shishov fighting for Boiarynia Katalena Ivaniaia zhen Shishova
Master Zygmunt Nadratowski fighting for Baroness Maddie McRae
Sir Rodrigo Vargas de Leon fighting for Baroness Collette de Valois
Captain Dyderich Wolfhart fighting for THL Odette D’Amboise
Sir Timothy the Just fighting for THL Elizabeta Alegreza Foscari
Sir Cedric Adolphus fighting for THL Honor von Atzinger
Sargeant Gareth Bloodworth fighting for THL Yamamura Kitsune
Sir Lothar Nachtshatten fighting for THL Aveline de Ceresbroch
Captain Criomhthann CuRua fighting for THL Sadb ingen Neill
Sir Ixtilixochitl fighting for Lady Norelle of Scolairi
Sir Ustad Hasan al Hajjii fighting for Lady Rowen Hen Enaid
Master Tonis van Driele fighting for  Lady Anne Mulligan
Lord Ambrose St. John fighting for Isabella Margaret St. John

Additional Information:

For the Crown Tourney procession, boasts from personal or event heralds are permitted, however, boasts are encouraged to be limited to approximately 30 seconds in length.