The mighty Dragon of the Midrealm has come home from war and Oathbinder has been sheathed.
Competition was fierce and the Kingdom fought with courage, bravery, heart and honor. There is no greater a challenge to test Ourselves against than the Great Eastern Tiger, truly both kingdoms gained glory, renown and stories to last them years. 
This year, the comportment on and off the fields of battle was a true testament to the dream that is the SCA. It warmed our hearts to see the steel and courtesy of our people. Each time the populace was called for it answered a full double more than what was asked. We thank each of you for fueling the war effort, furthering the name of the Midrealm, pushing the skills and arts of the populace to the fore front and for humbling us with countless illustrations of the best the SCA can offer.
We count ourselves immeasurably blessed to be of this August company. 
Welcome back from war Midrealm. We salute you. Draco Invictous

Dragon King Alric & Dread Queen Katherine

King and Queen of the Midrealm

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