Greetings Unto the Populace of the Middle Kingdom We, Prince A’Kos and Princess Bella, send Our greetings!

First, We extend to the Shire of Mynydd Seren Our thanks and love for such a wonderful Kingdom A & S and Crown Tournament! To the event
staff, We extend Our heartfelt thanks for providing such an entertaining event. We enjoyed wandering through the Great Hall and seeing the amazing works of Our Kingdom artisans. It filled Our hearts with pride! Congratulations to the participants and winners of the A & S Tourney! To the Judges, you also have Our thanks.

Saturday’s Tournaments in the Armoured and Rapier Lists were great. Thank you to the Marshals, Lyst Table and combatants. Sunday’s Crown Tournament was exciting and filled with camaraderie, and giggles. The Consorts were all beautiful and Inspiring in their finest, as their combatants fought heroically.
Congratulations and thank you from the bottom of Our hearts for the hard-fought fights! Our gratitude is also extended to the Marshals, Lyst Table, Heralds,
and Runners for the Crown Tourney, especially in that heat. Later, the delicious feast was amazing, and We will always remember it! The entertainment
provided by the Bards, who wrote and recited poems about the Crown Tournament’s Consorts, made Us proud and made Princess Bella a bit weepy over the
Spencerian Sonnet. The poems were beautiful, sweet and heartfelt.

And, to Our most Noble and Kind Parents, King Alric and Queen Katherine, We do thank You for Your kindness and support.

We look forward to meeting the people of this Great Kingdom in Our travels. We look forward to sharing the love and laughter with the beloved Populace as We tour Our Parents’ Lands on Our Royal Progress.

In Service to the Dream,
Prince AKos and Princess Bella,
The Dragon Heirs

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