Greetings unto the populace of the mighty Midrealm –

It is the duty of the Crown to ensure the continuation of the royal line of the kingdom. With that in mind, we announce the combatants for Our Crown Tournament to be held Sunday, May 27 in the LIII year of the society at our Shire of Mynydd Seren.

In service, Alric and Katherine, King and Queen of the Midrealm

  • Duke Dag Thorgrimmson for Duchess AnneMarie de Garmeaulx
  • Count William of Fairhaven for Countess Isolde de la Ramee
  • Sir Brandr Halfdanr for Lady Sighni Alvadotti
  • Sir Ixtilixochitl de los Indios for Lady Norelle of Scolaire
  • Master Eirik Dweorgax for Lady Ciara Eirikswif
  • Sir Calum MacDhaibhidh for Baroness Angharad ferch Tangwystl
  • Sor Ustad the Dreaded for Lady Rowen Hen Enaid
  • Syr Gunnar Redboar for Mistress Finepopla Gunnarswif
  • Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski for Baroness Maddie McRae
  • Sir Akos of Roaring Wastes for the Honorable Lady Bella Roison
  • Sir Wigthegn the Younger for Lady Neassa O’Cathasaigh
  • Sir Machonna of Dark River for Lady Acelin of the Wilds
  • Sir Cedric Adolphus for Her Ladyship Honor von Atzinger
  • Sir Gebhardt von Rauden for Master Azriel le Fey
  • Sir Seto Gesshuko for the Honorable Lady Ynes de Jaen
  • Sir Marcus Pinarius Draconarius for Barness Eilis the Stone
  • Baron Fergus MacPherson for Mistress Maggie McKeith
  • The Honorable Sargeant Jean LeBref for Lady Diamn Ban
  • The Honorable Sargeant Luca Sogliano for Her Ladyship Sarai Tindall Sogliano
  • Captain Dyderich Wolfhart for the Honorable Lady Odette d’Amboise
  • Captain Sigmund Kittel von Drachenstein for Mistress Ellowyn Kittle
  • Captain Criomhthan CuRua for Lady Sadb ingen Neill
  • Sargeant Reichart von Drachenstein for Mistress Bianca Rosamund
  • Sargeant Gareth Bloodworth for Dame Nicholaa Halden

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