Greetings unto the Noble populace of the Midrealm!

The drums of war can be heard in the East and as We ready ourselves to take the great responsibility of the Dragon Throne, We also must task the great Dragon to rise and meet the Eastern threat. With that in mind We do make the following announcements. His Grace Edmund of Hertford will lead and train our Belted Champions Team and Baron John the Ox will lead and train Our Unbelted Champions team.
We would also like to announce that the tournaments for Kingdon archery and Thrown Weapons champion will take place at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers.

We look forward to a wonderful Pennsic, and it is Our dream and intent to help increase the atmosphere of Pennsic in order to express the great dream that is the SCA. As such, We decree it shall be forbidden by the Midrealm army to use Red tape to mark or identify Our troops. There are many alternatives to the dismal display of duct tape, and as proud members of the Midrealm, which is a jewel and example to the known world Our minimum shall be elevated for this Pennsic. We have also taxed Our Baronies to produce banners that will be carried into the field to show Our great kingdom Heraldry. We would ask the heads of Households, great Dukes and Counts, Knights and Men At Arms of Our kingdom to also create and display heraldic banners designating their units that can be carried by an individual onto the battlefield.
We know that how to prepare for the Pennsic war is sometimes a concern, as such we have published here the Schedule, battle and battle descriptions for Pennsic 47. We will publish the battle conventions at a later date.

Alric and Katherine, Prince and Princess of the Midrealm
Draco Invictus!

Pennsic 47 War Point

1: Both the Midrealm and the East Kingdoms will agree in writing by signature that scheduled battle times are absolute and will begin on time. The primary goal is a Pennsic that is fun for all. As such, we will make all reasonable attempts towards numerical parity prior to opening ceremonies and the day’s activities. Musters before each battle to be held 30-45min prior to cannon for head count and rough evening of sides.

2: No kingdom’s court may hold any of the cannons, nor will impede the start time or running time of any battle. Courts will not be held within the battle boundaries either before the battles begin, or between scenarios of each battle. Time will be posted as available for field courts each day.

3: All Holds, except for the Woods battle are general holds unless specified for that battle. Marshals in the woods battle may use their discretion to call holds on selected areas.

4: The Earl Marshals of each kingdom after consultation with their crown may provide in camp armor and weapon inspections, and may deputize any warranted marshal with a current valid SCA membership who is to perform such duties. In camp inspections may only be performed by a marshal residing within the kingdom of the fighter being inspected.

Saturday, August 4th
2PM – Meeting of the Crowns, location TBD
6PM – Opening Ceremonies

Sunday, August 5th
Champions Battles, any champion may only fight in one event in each discipline, except heirs (alternates do not count for this)
10-10:30AM Unbelted Champions (Muster 9:30am) 1 pt
20 fighters
1 pass
Full field
Crowns may not fight. Unbelted Heirs may
No Allies
**Alternates/Allies to fight a 2nd pass 50 v 50 for no points

10:30-11AM Belted Champions 1 pt
20 fighters
1 pass
Full field
Crowns may not fight. Heirs may.
No Allies

11-12PM Allied Champions battle 1 pt
1 battle, 1 hour, restricted resurrection
75 v 75
Allies only.
No “King’s men” principals
“Soccer” substitutions (once you leave, you may not re-enter). All those waiting to sub in must be in the substitute box off the field. All others must move to the sidelines as they come out.
Each side may bring a maximum of 5 substitutes, for a total of 80 participants per side.
Capture the flag.
Two flags, scored by moving flag from your opponent’s flag base to your own
Total score at the end of the hour wins the point.
Flag bearer must have gauntlets, and is engaged 360 degrees
Interval resurrections
As combatants die, they move to the resurrection box.
Every 3 minutes, the resurrection box is released.
Dead who are not yet inside the resurrection box at release must wait until the next release. Likewise, if, while in your resurrection zone, your helmet is off at release, you may not release.

12-1PM Break for Court business and to allow the setup of hay bales

1-3PM Heroic Champions, (Armored Champions 1 pt and Rapier Champions 2 pts) (Muster 12:30pm) 3 pts total
No Principal combatant who fights in this battle may participate in another Champions battle (except Heirs)
Principal Crowns may not fight.
Heirs will resolve a tie for armored. Royalty’s Rapier Champion will resolve a tie for rapier.
Format is one on one, weapons need not be matched
Armored: 12 total fights, Principals will each field 1 unbelt -no other limitations on who can be on the team.
Double kills to be refought once only.
Alternate who chooses first. Whichever is ahead, chooses first fighter. If tied, the winner of a coin flip decides choice of electing the first armored or rapier. The other will choose the first from the other discipline. (Rapier traditionally pre-arranges this – if this occurs lists will be provided to royalty at start of champs)
18 Rapier slots
8 Principal
8 Allied
2 C&T
Tie will award no points to either Kingdom

3-4PM Rapier Melee Champions (Muster 2:30pm) 2 pts
30 fighters per side, 15 principals & 15 allies (no less than 15 per side for melee of 30)
Battle will be fought in 3 heats. Each heat will be best of 3. Best of 3 heats wins the War points.
Heat 1: 15v15 fighters from principal Kingdoms
Heat 2: 15v15 fighters from allied Kingdoms
Heat 3: 30v30 with 15 fighters from principal and 15 from allied Kingdoms on each side.
Last Fighter standing, no resurrection Restricted field of traditional size DFB is allowed No RBGs

Monday, August 6th
10:30AM – Armored Field Battle (Muster 9:45am) 5 pts Total (1pt per battle)
5 passes Last Fighter standing victory condition, no resurrection
Full field
All holds are general
No siege
CA allowed in 2nd & 4th passes, No CA ammo may be gleaned. No CA ammo may be re-inspected and reused during the same Day.

2:30PM Rapier Field Battle (Muster 2pm) 4 pts Total (1 pt per battle)
4 passes Last man standing victory condition, no resurrection
10 marshals provided by each of the Mid, East, & AEthelmearc
Full field (600×600)
All holds are general
No RBG’s

Tuesday,August 7th
11AM Armored Woods battle (Muster 10:30 at Woods) 7 pts Total (2 pts per time check majority possession of stationary banners) (1 pt for majority control of mobile banner)
1 battle, 90 Minutes, full resurrection
Only medical holds stop the clock
3 Stationary flags, 1 mobile flag, Central flag (1) halfway between on a straight line between two resurrection points, Flag (2) and flag (3) equidistant and perpendicular to flag (1) equal distance from both resurrection points, but not in sight of flag (1)
Mobile flag equidistant and perpendicular from the South most stationary flag.
The mobile banner can be removed and taken back to either sides res point resulting in a “Score”.
Once the mobile banner reaches a resurrection point the victory point will be noted for the controlling side. The mobile banner is reset at the 30 and 60 control checks
Only a gauntleted hand may hold the mobile banner. Banner must be carried above the waist and be clearly displayed. Flag bearer is engaged 360 degrees while carrying the mobile flag.
A Killed banner carrier will drop the banner where it falls, it will remain mobile. For the fixed banner locations, at the time check control will be determined by the color tape showing on the top of the pulley banner.
Time limit: 90 Minutes
Hold called at 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90
Each check will be +-4 minutes from the noted time. Exact variant of time check should be generated by the marshalate prior to the start of the battle and not revealed to combatants.
All holds, except medical, are assumed to be local and do not stop the clock. Medical holds are general. General holds stop the clock.
Victory conditions: Control of majority of stationary flags at time check rewards 2pts per time check and majority “Scores” of the mobile banner rewards 1pt for a total of 7 pts for the woods battle.

2PM Rapier Woods battle (Muster 1:30 at Woods) 6 pts Total (1 pt per time check for majority control of banners)
1 battle in 2x 30 minute “halves”, full resurrection.
3 time checks at 10, 20 & 30 minutes of each half. Each check will be +-4 minutes from the noted time. Exact variant of time check should be generated by the marshalate prior to the start of the battle and not revealed to combatants. All holds, except medical, are assumed to be local and do not stop the clock. Medical holds are general. General holds stop the clock.
No RBG’s
3 flags, 1 halfway between on a straight line between two resurrection points, 2 flags equidistant and perpendicular to the central flag equal distance from both resurrection points, but not in sight of the central flag.
Time limit: 60 Minutes
Hold called at 30 minutes & 60 minutes.
Victory conditions: Majority control of banners at each time check awards 1 war pt. Total possible war pts rewarded 6 pts.

Wednesday, August 8th
10AM Archery Champions shoot (Muster 9:30am) 4 pts Total
30 Total Champions: 20 Principal, 10 Allied.
The shoot will be constructed with an intent to balance accuracy & speed shoots
12PM Thrown Weapons Champions: 2 pts Total
Format as per recent tradition
12PM Siege/CA battle (Muster 11:30am) 4 pts Total
Format as per recent tradition

Thursday, August 9th
10:30AM Rapier Pillage Battle (Muster 10am) 4 pts Total (2 pts per time check for majority of banners controlled)
1 battle, 60 Minutes (+- 5 mins), full resurrection
5 banners. Control of 3 banners at a check wins the check.
2 time checks at 30 & 60 minutes. Each check will be +-5 minutes from the noted time. Exact variant of time check should be generated by the marshalate prior to the start of the battle and not revealed to combatants.
Size/location of Tower: 30’x30’ ((approx. 10 hay bales – 2 bales high (20)), approx. 50’ South from gate of fort. Doorways: 2 9’ foot doorways, E-W along the line from main fort gate
Long house with 4 doors, one at each corner ((North/South; approx. 70’.15 hay bales – 2 bales high (30))
Dispersal of “broken” field (aka the Ruins): random scattering to south of wall, extending approx. 40’ south, made to look like ruined boulders and stacked two-three bales high each (each boulder would be 6-7 bales total across 2-3 levels). Bales cannot be fought over.
Small chateau with two doors one each direction facing east/west ((8 bales – 2 high (16))
Deployment points/lines: ~125 feet in from overall field boundaries.
Direction of deployment: East/West
Resurrection points/lines: same as deployment lines
Number and type of flags: Five flags, pulley type – capture is determined by a flag being at the topmost point
Flag placement: One flag in the Tower, one in the Long House, one in the Ruins, one in the field south of the Ruins, and one in the Chateau to the far south.

Armored Bridge Battle: 2PM start time (Muster 1:30pm) 6 pts Total (1 pt per time check for majority of banners controlled)
Format: 5 Bridges, 60 Minute resurrection battle.
Archery and siege may fire over hay bales at the ends of the bridges, but not from bridge to bridge nor over the sides (and therefore through the marshal areas). Being in water is considered a kill. No walking, standing, sitting, or kneeling on the hay bales.
Combat archery and siege equipment throughout, no gleaning of arrows or siege ammunition allowed. Ammunition may be re-inspected for the following day. Archers are allowed on the bridge.
Each bridge will have a pulley banner on the north side in the middle of the bridge. Every 10 minutes the banner will be checked and scored for red or blue.
Victory conditions. Majority control of pulley banners at each time check rewards 1 war pt. Total war points to be awarded for this battle is6 war pts.

10AM-4PM Arts & Sciences Champions 5 pts Total
Arts & Sciences Champions:
10 entries from each Side
Competitors may come from either Principal or Allied Kingdoms in any number
Competition to be judged with the artisans attending their entry (manned entries, not anonymous).
Entrants may enter a single substantial item (pre-17th-century), or a body of work consisting of related items that are connected to each other in a significant and meaningful way. A body of work will be judged as a single item. If a body of work is from multiple disciplines, it should be of a consistent theme
Entries must be physical creations, completed since Pennsic 46.
Entries cannot be research papers, food, or performance.
Judging should be done by a panel of judges based on a rubric. Panels will consist of 4 judges, 2 from each side. Judges will have a minimum of a grant level Arts & Science award. Score will be determined by consensus of judges. If judges cannot agree between two points, it will default to the higher score.
Judges may come from allied kingdoms as well as principal kingdoms.
Judges must have a grant level (or equivalent) or higher award.
Non-English language documentation is allowed, but must be submitted per each entry by July 1 to allow for translation.
Documentation for ALL entries is due by July 15th to allow for judges to preview the material. Documentation may change between July 15th and the event, but competitors need to point out significant changes to their judges.
Documentation may take any form, so long as it contains information regarding the entry’s historical authenticity, context, creation/methods, etc. It may be written, graphic, pictorial, or another format. Verbal documentation during the face-to-face judging is acceptable. If documentation is to be verbal, please indicate that by July 15th.
The display is open to the populace.

Friday, August 10th
Combined Armored/Rapier Siege battle – 10AM start time (Muster 9:30am) 9 pts Total
1 battle, fought twice as attack/defend for time.
Faster combined armored/rapier attack time wins the whole point allotment.
Attackers have unlimited res. Defenders have 2 resurrections for 3 total lives. This is true for both armored and rapier halves.
Side that is currently behind has the option to attack or defend first. If tied, the winner of a coin flip will choose.
Battle is fought in 2 stages, armored and rapier.
Armored victory condition will be transport of a heavy, handled box of “explosives” to a marked “detonation zone” (DZ). East will provide the box.
Box starts behind the initial resurrection line, 300’ from the DZ.
Anyone carrying the box must do so with a gauntleted hand.
Box “explodes” to stop time as soon as any part of the box enters the DZ.
Between the initial resurrection line and the DZ are 5 left/right staggered points every 50’. These can be “flipped” to become additional res points.
Combat archery and siege equipment throughout, armored portion. No gleaning of arrows or siege ammunition allowed.
Once the armored team stops the clock, there will be a 15-minute change out to rapier
Rapier battle will be a castle assault. The victory condition is flipping 3 banners within the castle.
There are 3 entry points to the castle: front, left, & right.
Banner 1 is 50’ inside the main door. Banners 2&3 are 50’ outside each side entry point.
Banners will have a pulley flag to be flipped.
Once flipped to the attacker’s color, they cannot be flipped back to the defender’s color.
The clock stops when the 3rd banner is flipped to the attacker’s color.
Combatants may participate in both armored and rapier halves of the battle, provided they re-armor appropriately.

12PM Friday Populace Archery Shoots close 3 pts, 1 pt per shoot–
Walkup, Clout & Advancing enemy
Range will be available 5 times during the week Su, M, T, Th, F (AM only on F)
12PM Friday Populace Thrown Weapons 1pt

2PM (or following combined Siege battle) Closing Ceremonies

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