September Scribal Spectacular!

If you’ve been to Court, you’ve heard His Majesty say many times “Make sure that he/she shows you this…” when an Award scroll is given to the recipient.

The Kingdom’s Scribes produce a lot of fabulous art, creating a a beautiful scroll for the recipient as a proud reminder. I know only a few of our Kingdom’s Scribes and I’ve only seen a fraction of their efforts, but we wanted to show off at least some of their work here so that you can get a better look at it.

If you do get a chance, I suggest that you follow His Majesty’s advice and have them show you their scroll. You won’t be disappointed.

All images below are used with the permission of the artist (where possible). If I have erred, please let me know.

Willow for Cecily O’Donell by Gillianne Tegan Marie Silvertrees’ Dragon’s Heart by Maggie O’Donnell Silver Oak for Fatarina Helene von Schonborn by Soffya von Kulp
Red Company by Gillianne Purple Fret for Antony Wolverton by Conor mac Lellan Order of the Sapphire by Conor mac Lellan
Leandra Corzis’ Willow by Hannah Schreiber Kings Chalice for Kári Gáranhirsson by Unknown Gregory Bryant’s Evergreen by Waldetrudis von Metten
Gold Mace for Johan Bez Spoudina by Gillianne Eoferwulf Thrainsson’s Red Company by Jervisa Wainwright Their Graces Edmund and Kateryn Kingdom Augmentation of Arms by Gilliane de Solis, wording by Andreas Blacwode
Court Barony for Colin O’Flannery by Soffya von Kulp Court Barony for Maximilian von Fallingbostel by Gillianne Award of Arms for Evelyn of Mugmort. Calligraphy and Illumination by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld