Pennsic Camp Staff

There is a special, select group of people in charge of the Midrealm Royal camp at Pennsic. These individuals work hard before the King and Queen even arrive to make sure that the Middle Kingdom presence at Pennsic is the best it can possibly be.

Midrealm Royal includes a kitchen (fridge/freezer, gas grills, sink, etc), a 40′ x 40′ tent for the Royal Presence and meetings, a 20′ x 20′ tent for dining and social activities, a large storage tent, and two amazing hot water shower stalls, as well as electricity.

Among the many things the staff does is plan out how the space is to be laid out and making sure that period tents are the only ones visible to non-residents. They work with those who will be camping in Midrealm Royal to make sure that extension cords are safely buried and advise everyone from Their Royal Majesties on down on how best to keep the Pennsic Royal Magic alive.

There is also a Kitchen Coordinator, who works on a 3 year term. The most recent Kitchen Coordinator was Mistress Keiley Duchem who is turning over her duties to THL Avelyn Grene. They, along with daily volunteers,
work to make sure that Their Royal Majesties and their staff are well fed. (I’ve never camped in Midrealm Royal before, but the food was incredible.)

The more or less permanent staff is

  • Duke Dag Thorgrimsson called Blackwolf
  • Duchess Anne Marie de Garmeaux
  • Baron Lothair Glenlogan
  • Baroness Dolce da Venezia (as of 9 August AS 52)
  • Baron Crassius Aurelius Maximus
  • Baroness Nezkha Kiriena Petrova
  • Mistress Radegund of Lutra
  • Master Rocco Vittorio Barbarossa