Where the Reign began…Coronation (5/6/2017)

Their Royal Majesties along with many of the people who work behind the scenes to help Their Royal Majesties with whatever needs doing.



Written by Andreas Blacwode, as Their Royal Majesties entered, the following boast was read:
Bold battle children! Know now,
William of Fairhaven: Famed is this King,
Far fly the boasts of Him:
Ring-Giver of Dragons
Baron Beneath the Mountain
Protector of the Inland Seas
Once Crimson Captain of warriors willing,
Then Prince of Ale and Ice
Now Warlord of Wonder,
Sun in his Splendour
Fyrdman of the Silver Fountains
Vanguard of MidRealm liege-men loyal.
And Isolde de la Ramee: Famed is this queen,
Far fly the boasts of Her:
Ring-Giver of Dragons
Birch-Queen of the Oak
Mighty Mistress of the Gauntlet
Set about with Stars
Adored by the Annulo
Princess and Poet
Speaker of the Ancient
Lady of Linden, Blessed by bards.

Some select photographs from Court.

Here a just a couple of pages from Court business.


Next are a handful of the gorgeous scrolls created by our talented scribes. To see the full size, just click on one of the pictures.

Please note that as this is from Coronation, some scrolls have been signed by the incoming King and Queen and some were signed by the outgoing King and Queen.

Bronwyn’s Evergreen by Aminah al yazici bint Ismail and Isibel inghean ui Bheollain

Cellach’s Court Barony by Aminah al yazici bint Ismail and Isibel inghean ui Bheollain

Erich’s Court Barony by Gilliane de Solis

Gertrudis’s Purple Fret by Saraswati man Ikkam

Gwennan’s Courty Barony by Angelique de La Rochelle

Haus von Atzinger’s Grove by Bianca Rosamund di Firenze

Katherine’s Royal Vanguard by Conor mac Lellan

Marellus’s Red Company by Seonaid inghean Ghriogair

Max’s Bronze Ring by Saraswati mân Ikkam

Sorcha’s Royal Augmentation by Iosobail inghean mhic Leoid
Last, here is the text of the touching poem for a Kingdom Augmentation of Arms for His Grace Edmund and Her Grace Kateryn.
Written by Andreas Blacwode.